Modern handmade textiles.
Made in Spain. Since 1941.

GAN is a brand firmly rooted in design and based on handmade products. In GAN, rugs do not
conform to two dimensions, they instead create complete spaces that redefine the concept of
habitability through their unique shapes and volumes. All of their products are manufactured
in India by expert craftsmen and women who use only natural fibers: cotton, linen, jute, silk
and wool. The value of what is made by hand, slowly, piece by piece, is what differentiates
and defines them.

Gan Rugs from the company Gandia Blasco. Kilims, tufted, knotted and woven wool rugs. Contemporary designs for the modern home.

Designers :

Patricial Urquiola
Charlotte Lancelot
Kensaku Oshir
Dienke Dekker
Borja Garcia
Flavia del Pra
Nendo Oki Sato
Jose A. Gandia Blasco Canales