Sculptural in their idiosyncratic shapes, biomorphic curves meet sleek silhouettes in items that add whimsy to function.

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With its peerless expertise in luxury leather upholstery, the subtle sophistication whose hallmark luxurious and eclectic style is appreciated best by the most discerning clientele.

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Among the original progenitors and standard bearers of Italian furniture design, Zanotta has carved out an all but untouchable place in the ranks of contemporary luxury.

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Paola Lenti

Each item is handmade using an exclusive, patented rope wrought from special weaving techniques, whose colors and durability are proof that fun is capable of high quality.

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DES-ALTO stands for high design. Modifying traditional technically elaborate production steps to industrially usable production cycles. The production area, which covers 10,000 square metres, ensures the processing of the raw material all the way up to its finish. In this way, each production step can be controlled at any time, thus ensuring the optimum quality for which Desalto-objects are internationally renowned.

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Porro boasts of the widest selection of finishes from over18 wood veneers, 24 lacquer colors, various fabric, metal to glass finishes to personalize your wardrobe system.

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Living Divani

Harmony is the hallmark of Living Divani. Distinguished by its attention to proportion and symmetry and emphasis to the aesthetic of continuity.

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Vibia design beautiful, purposeful objects that invite people to use them to conduct their own performance of light.

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Driade creates products that are unique, eclectic, eccentric but at the same time elegant, timeless and, above all, joyful.

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Saba Italia designs contemporary sofas, armchairs, complements & garden chairs using harmony and creativity all made in Italy.

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Glas Italia

Glas Italia specializes in the processing of glass. From glass doors and mirrors to furniture complements like shelves, bookcases, tables and even partitions.

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With Montana modules in different sizes and colours, you can build up in height and width, free-standing, up against a wall or all of it at once. You choose your own style.

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Rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition characterized by enduring aesthetics, functionality, craftsmanship and an honest expression.

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Italian contemporary furniture company Pedrali designs chairs, tables and lamps for contract and commercial furnishings. 100% Made In Italy.

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Slamp is specialized in lighting design and creates modern lamps thanks to the collaboration with the most prestigious international designers

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Known for its "The Human Light" philosophy, Artemide boasts high skills in light design and innovation, with products originating from research and high-quality manufacturing. The company filed numerous patents on inventions (10 patents filed in 2016 alone) in time for the development of innovative technological, mechanical, and opto-electrical solutions.

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"Kartell has been leading innovation in production processes and product creativity for 70 years. Its concepts and designs have been achieved thanks to partnerships and investments in technological innovation, creative solutions and new, ever-higher performing and eco-friendly materials, with recycling, bio and wood.

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Talenti designs and produces outdoor furniture: seats, tables and accessories that come alive thanks to talented men and women and internationally renowned designers. They are ambitious people who have something in their mind that does not yet exist, original minds and tools that forge a piece of furniture made of details, that carefully choose materials and finishes, study spaces, offer collections in which people can recognize themselves. Beautiful and functional furnishings, practical and pleasant space to live in, that pass the test of time and turn any outdoor space into the set of the life, in the place of the small and big experiences. Talenti: open air emotions!

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Very Wood

A collection of classic shapes, reinterpreted in a modern key for contemporary environments capable of meeting the international standards related to the Contract world.

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Santa & Cole

Affordable, durable and memorable objects, that fill the everyday with beauty and function at home and in common spaces.

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